Barbara Hambly

Since her first published fantasy in 1982 – THE TIME OF THE DARK – Barbara Hambly has touched pretty much all the bases in genre fiction, including mainstream historical fiction, historical murder mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, comic books, graphic novels, media tie-ins, a screenplay, and scripts for Saturday morning cartoon shows. She continues to write both fantasy and historical fiction: the well-reviewed Benjamin January series of historical whodunnits (whose fourteenth entry, DRINKING GOURD, was published this year by Severn House U.K.), and the vampire tales of James and Lydia Asher and their vampire acquaintance Don Simon Ysidro, also from Severn House (most recently, DARKNESS ON HIS BONES).

She keeps her hand in the world of fantasy by continuing the adventures of the heroes of her various Del Rey fantasy series of the ‘80s and ‘90s with the FURTHER ADVENTURES, novellettes of 10,000-15,000 words published independently online through Amazon. In addition, she has written, under the name of Barbara Hamilton, three historical murder-mysteries of the “famous historical sleuth” variety featuring Abigail Adams, and hopes to do more when she has time.

Born in San Diego, California, a long time ago, she has lived in Southern California most of her life, except for attending the University of Bordeaux, France, for a year in the early ‘70s, and a few years of living part-time in New Orleans while married to science fiction writer George Alec Effinger.

She currently teaches History part-time at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, and you can follow her on Facebook and Live Journal. In what stray hours she can steal from these occupations, she is a reasonably good painter; her other interests include dance, martial arts (ko-ryu), costuming, and videogames. She currently does not have time to do any of these.

Now a widow, she shares a house in Los Angeles with several small carnivores.

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