ConGregate 9

July 14-16, 2023 | Downtown Marriott & The Embassy Suites | Winston-Salem, NC

Bill Mulligan

Bill Mulligan is a 25+ year high school science teacher who has seen his lifelong love for horror, science fiction and fantasy films turn into a great way to spend his weekends with like-minded coconspirators, whether in podcasting as part of the Decodes of Horror podcasts, paneling at conventions, or actually making indie films, as a writer, actor, director, special effects artist, and guy who does whatever he is told to do. These are indie films, one can't stand on ceremony. His first published novel, RAUM, will be released later this year from Falstaff Books, and he hopes to write many more, as it is his fondest dream to create characters that, for all their possible flaws, are the heroes in their own stories. And then do terrible things to them.