ConGregate 5

Charity Events

We will be holding various charity events between now and the 2018 convention to raise money & food for the food bank at Greensboro Urban Ministry.

* At ConGregate 4 (our 2017 event), we raised over $1700 for the food bank and collected over 300 lbs. of food. We look forward to trying to break those numbers in 2018!

You can find a list of what items are needed here.


Charity Auction
We will be hosting our annual charity auction on Saturday during the convention. More info will be announced once we are closer to the con.

Donations at Promo Events
We will be collecting money at various events where we are set up to promote ConGregate. A list of those locations is below (this list will be grow as more events get set up).

Promo Events:

AMC Theater on Koger Blvd.

  • Nov 17-18
  • Dec 15-16

illogiCon - Jan 12-14

MystiCon - Feb 23-25

LexingCon - Apr 14

ConCarolinas - Jun 1-3