ConGregate 8


March 11, 2022

While it is impossible for us to know where things will be with the pandemic in July, we can say what we would do if the con were coming up soon - based on the ongoing situation.

1. Be prepared to either provide proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test - administered at an approved testing facility (outside of your home), within five days of the convention. 

2. Masking requirements will depend on current COIVD-19 cases and on government regulations. Currently, most metropolitan counties in NC are just beginning to remove mask mandates in indoor facilities.  Please note, however, we fully support masking by any attendee – in any convention location, at any time. We particularly encourage anyone who is at higher risk of severe illness to wear a mask at all times for their own protection.

As you decide whether to attend our convention, we request that you take the above points into account.

distancing image