ConGregate 8

COVID-19 Safety Rules

Also see our community health recommendations.

The following rules will very likely be in place during the 2022 convention.

COVID-19 Safety Rules *

1. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, or a negative COVID test - administered at an approved testing facility (outside of your home), are required to pick up your badge for the convention.

2. Wash or sanitize your hands frequently - We plan to place hand sanitizer throughout the con space.

3. Try to maintain a safe distance from other people, whenever possible (please do not block walk spaces)

4. Masking requirements will depend on current COIVD-19 cases and on government regulations. Currently, most metropolitan counties in NC are just beginning to remove mask mandates in indoor facilities.  Please note, however, we fully support masking by any attendee – in any convention location, at any time. We particularly encourage anyone who is at higher risk of severe illness to wear a mask at all times for their own protection.

5. Guest speakers may remove their masks if they are on a panel (or other event) if social distancing can be maintained

6. Hand sanitizer will be available on the food and beverage tables in the ConSuite. We ask that you use it prior to picking up anything.

* Under the definition provided by law, ConGregate is considered to be a private event

Some of the other safety precautions being taken:

  1. Electronics will be sanitized after each use at registration, and contactless payment has been set up via Zettle.
  2. ConSuite will have individually packaged items
  3. We will close down the ConSuite every few hours, for about 30 minutes, to clean and sanitize
  4. We will attempt to improve air flow with fans in as many public spaces as possible
  5. We plan to sanitize microphones in the ballrooms
  6. The hotel will sanitize high touch areas throughout the day

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