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Daphne Reeder

Daphne Reeder has been a model, actress and, and cosplayer for a number of years now, belonging to several costuming groups such as the 501st, the Mandalorian Mercs, and the Southern Belle Ghostbusters. Some of her specialties include full body painted cosplays, and creating armor/weapons using EVA foam and Worbla. Her image has graced many promotional posters, flyers and magazine articles. As an actress, Ms Reeder has performed both onstage and in front of a camera. Recently she's worked with several studios like Sick Chick Flicks and Ron Rossman studios in the genres of Horror and Fantasy. She herself owns Drache Media Films, an upcoming studio filming Horror and SciFi. 

Currently, Daphne is working on several projects: a horror film she created, a fantasy and horror project with another independent film group, and 2 new cosplay concepts

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