ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

What is DeepSouthCon (DSC)?

DeepSouthCon (DSC) is an annual science fiction convention, which is hosted in different cities in the Southern United States. Site selection is by vote of the membership of a given DSC, for the convention to be held 2 years in the future. DSC is often, but not always, held in conjunction with an existing annual convention so the time of year varies. Many regular attendees of DSC are also members of the Southern Fandom Confederation, but there is no direct relationship between the two organizations.

In addition to gathering to discuss topics of interest to fans in the south, DSC issues two principal awards: the Phoenix, which is awarded to a science fiction professional editor, author, or artist with connections to the South, and the Rebel, which is awarded to a like-placed fan. The Phoenix and Rebel awards are considered lifetime achievement awards for a professional or fan who has done the most for southern fandom. Additionally, there occasionally is a "tongue in check" award issued, the Rubble, which highlights someone (or something) that has done the most to southern fandom. 

Additional DSC Information

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