Hotel News!

May 23, 2018

There seems to be some confusion. We want to stress that the same company that owned the Radisson, owns the Red Lion. So, same OWNER, just a different name on the building.


April 23, 2018

We have the group code and a dedicated reservation page now from Red Lion.

Online Reservations

Direct Line: +1 (336) 889-8888
Code: CONG0712
Reservation Line: 336-448-4614 or 800-733-5466



If you made a reservation through Radisson with your Radisson points, you will have to contact each hotel chain separately. You will need to contact Radisson corporate to try to arrange a refund of your points. Then, we suggest contacting the direct line with Red Lion in High Point to confirm that you have a reservation. Radisson has called Red Lion and canceled at least one person's reservation, after the person requested a refund of their points. 


March 29, 2018

We have news!

Our hotel’s owner/management (Inner Circle Management) has entered into a new franchise agreement with RLH (Red Lion). We wish to stress that this move was the ownership’s decision, and did not come from Radisson corporate. RLH is in the process of trying to expand heavily on the east coast, and Inner Circle will be moving all 11 of their Radisson properties to the Red Lion Hotels brand. 

We know most of you will be concerned about your room reservations, and we understand that. In fact, we encourage you to call the hotel directly to confirm that your reservation has been moved over. We only ask that you give the hotel until AFTER April 20. The High Point Furniture Market is coming up soon and the hotel staff’s attention is, understandably, heavily focused on that 100,000 person event.

As for what you can expect from the new franchise agreement, it is our understanding that the answer is: very little will change. The Red Lion Hotels level of RLH competes at the same price point as Radisson, so service should be very similar. The only major change we are aware of is that Red Lion does not offer room service. In its place, however is a “Grab and Go” service. Honestly, for those of us who are con regulars, this might actually be more useful. You call up, order your food, then stop by the restaurant and pick it up.  We also wish to emphasize that the hotel will be offering concessions and buffets again this year, so food should be fairly easy to get your hands on.

More hotel info will be forthcoming as we have it.