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Ian J. Malone

Ian J. Malone is the owner of Sharkflight Publishing and author of THE MAKO SAGA, a space opera trilogy about five college buddies turned interstellar war heroes via beers and a video game.

As a graduate of Florida State University, Malone has written in a variety of arenas ranging from public health to news and sports. When it comes to his fictional work, however, he’s a firm believer that nothing shapes an author’s writing like experience. That’s why he credits his tenures in radio, law enforcement, and the military for much of his inspiration, plus the legion of family and friends who’ve stood with him along the way.

Beyond writing, Malone is an avid fan of audiobooks and the outdoors, though it’s also not uncommon to find him at a ballgame, a music concert, or somewhere out by a grill.

Malone presently resides in Durham, North Carolina with his wife and son, but he’ll always be a “Florida boy” at heart.

For more on Ian J. Malone and his books, visit him online at You can also follow him on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads.

Ian J. Malone