ConGregate 6 (2019)

Joshua and Jessica Wright

Joshua and Jessica Wright’s costuming adventures started off as something fun to do at a convention, but it quickly grew into something a lot more. Josh, has always loved costuming but before the 501st, he was always more into the renaissance era. For Jessica, it started out as a way to dress up at conventions, but quickly turned into a way to connect with fans and most importantly kids- Jessica loves seeing their smiles.

Josh and Jessica’s costumes range from Star Wars to Renaissance. Both have always have been a huge fan of the medieval style, knights and armor, lords and ladies. And for both, costuming from Star Wars has become a passion. The characters, the colors, the actions. Josh has a Darth Nihilus and Sandtrooper, while Jessica is frequently a Sith Twi'lek or Imperial officer.

Their favorite thing about costuming is the reactions from the fans, seeing and hearing what they have to say when seeing their childhood jump off the screen. Or seeing some of their favorite characters come to life.