ConGregate 6 (2019)

JT “The Enginerd”

JT “The Enginerd”

JT “The Enginerd” is an all-purpose geek. She obtained her Masters of Science in Engineering Mechanics with a focus in biomechanics from Virginia Tech in 2013. Her research focused on animal locomotion and included the analysis of beetle respiration and helping construct a platform to measure the force produced during an insects jump. Currently, she teaches basic engineering and design to future nerdlings (aka high school students) in Henrico County, Virginia. She also serves as the advisor to her schools chapter of the Technology Student Association (TSA) and as well as the coach for the Quidditch club.

Outside of the world of science and education, “The Enginerd” is an avid fan of many TV and literary fandoms including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, and well, it’s quite a long list. To further discuss her fandom, she is the author of FrakinSpoilers in which she reviews the occasional movie and talks about other nerdery. In addition to TV, she is also very active in World of Warcraft as an elite protection warrior.

“The Enginerd’s” creative abilities also extend to the world of crafts and photography. Some have called her a wizard with duct tape and she loves to great various geeky pieces for jewelry and other uses. She has also had several photos featured on Upcoming section on 500px. While her true passion is animal photography, she has also been a staff photographer for RavenCon and ConCarolinas. Her photography can be viewed on 500px and Flickr.