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L.R. Gould

L.R. Gould

L.R. Gould (She/Her) is a transgender science fiction and urban fantasy author published by Falstaff Books.

She spent a childhood escaping from the family dairy farm by traveling the stars and battling the monsters of her imagination. Adventures, however, rarely go as planned and L.R. Gould’s did not lead her to the stars, but to a twenty-year career designing building mechanical systems where she focuses on accessibility for the differently abled, green construction, energy efficiency, and improving the indoor environment.

While L.R. Gould’s career may not be battling monsters or soaring the through the stars, she has never stopped imagining the possibilities. Look for the first book in her new sci-fi series, Prodigal Brother coming soon from Falstaff Books.

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  • Beginner’s Luck: Monsters are Not Myths Volume 1