ConGregate 6 (2019)

Nickie Jamison

Nickie Jamison wrote her first full-length novel at age 10 – that creative endeavor sparked her desire to begin a writing career. Her stories dabble in and blend many different genres; science fiction, fantasy, romance, erotica, poetry, horror...whatever captures her fancy. Ms. Jamison's adult fiction has been published in several anthologies over the years and her contemporary queer romances are available through JMS Books. When not writing, Nickie enjoys knitting, drinking copious amounts of wine, binge-watching BBC's Sherlock, and talking about beauty products and makeup on her YouTube channel.

She lives in Hampton Roads with her darling husband, step-teenager-thing, and two furbabies; #thecatwecalljayne and #KAYLEEsmallFRYE. You can find out more about Nickie on her website or follow her on most social media as @oopswrongcookie