ConGregate 6 (2019)

Peter Prellwitz

Peter Prellwitz has been writing stories, plays and skits since the fifth grade. As a child and young adult, Peter saw limited publication of one play and two series of children’s puppet skits. Just enough to hook him for life.

Presently, Peter has a total of ten novels published in trade paperback and ebook, all by Double Dragon Publishing, with more than a half-dozen anthologies published/distributed by eSpec Publishing. His novel Horizons was selected by Mike Resnick as Best Science Fiction and awarded that publisher’s 2003 Draco Award. Four of his short stories appear in the anthology Twisted Tails, which won the 2006 Dream Realms. Five of his novels have been finalists in the Epic Awards over the past few years. He continues writing novels and short stories. Seven more short stories have appeared in the award-winning Defending the Future; the Bad-Ass Faeries; Beyond the Cradle; and the Twisted Tails anthologies.

In addition to his just released novel, Redeeming the Plumb, Peter has also been working with Mars’ best-selling author, H.K. Devonshire, to bring Devonshire’s first Martian Western novella, Company A: Origin of the Martian Rangers, to Earth for a first-time release.

Together with more than two dozen short stories located on his site, Peter’s novels weave a tapestry of mankind’s exploration and settling of the galaxy over the next two and half millennia in his ongoing Shards Universe.

A native Arizonan, Peter has also lived in Wisconsin, California, Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania, where he now lives with his wife, Bethlynne. In addition to writing, Peter enjoys history, backpacking, and languages.