ConGregate 6 (2019)

Press Policies


NOTE: Regardless of any stated policies below, ConGregate’s management will be the sole arbiters in who is considered to be qualified news media.

When you apply for media access, please be aware of the following:

  • Press Passes are available for professional reporters and media that provide significant national, local, or genre exposure.
  • If you covered ConGregate in the past, ensure you have provided copies of your coverage to us.
  • Your application will be thoroughly vetted, and it is likely you will be contacted to discuss the nature of your coverage.
  • We may ask you to provide additional documentation before approval.

You will not qualify for Media Access if you are:

  • Bloggers or Podcasters with limited distribution
  • Individuals who work in non-reporting roles for media outlets
  • Photographers not on assignment from a media outlet
  • An individual who had been granted prior year media access who cannot provide proof of coverage

Your Personal Requirements

  • You are required to apply using your real name, as well as your professional name.
  • You are required to apply using a distinct email address.
  • You are required to show a picture ID to receive your badge.
  • You may be required to demonstrate you are currently on assignment to cover ConGregate (usually an assignment email or letter will suffice).
  • You are required to be a working journalist or photojournalist.
  • You are required to be at least 18 years of age.
  • You may be asked to provide more samples of your coverage if we cannot find significant proof through our own vetting.
  • You are required to report on ConGregate to be allowed media access.
  • We reserve the right to approve only outlets we feel will be able to convey the spirit of ConGregate in a professional, respectful manner.
  • While not required, we do prefer to see emails that are associated with your company (ie.

Categories of Reporters

  • Print Media & Newswire Reporters
  • Journalists/Photographers on assignment
  • Broadcast (TV & Radio) Journalists & Photographers
  • Online Reporters (will need to provide URL showing a depth of coverage)

Approval Guidelines

ConGregate uses a number of numeric qualifiers, personal references, and quality analysis of your outlet and reporting to determine approval:

  • Google Page Rank
  • Physical distribution numbers (where appropriate)
  • Listenership (where appropriate)
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook followers
  • Assessment of overall impact and quality of outlet
  • Recommendation by a ConGregate staff member
  • Approval in 2017 is not a guarantee for approval in 2018


Press passes allow the media access to the following areas of the convention:

  • Main Programming
  • General Sessions
  • Prefunction areas
  • Dealers Room
  • Panel Discussions

Press passes do not provide access to workshops, classes or gaming sessions. Those sessions are available to paid conference attendees only.