ConGregate 5

Special Events

Some of the Special Events we have planned for this year include:

Iron Maker
Two teams from the 105th Squad will face off to build a SF themed costume, with previously unseen materials that will be provided at the competition. The teams will be limited to two hours, and a “curve ball” may be injected into the competition midway through the build.

Beat da Geeks!
No, not like that! Go head-to-head against other fans for the right to take on our panel of experts in this geek trivia challenge.

Awards Ceremony
We will be handing out three awards: the Manly Wade Wellman Award for best SF novel by an NC writer, The Phoenix Award, DSC’s lifetime achievement award that goes to a science fiction professional editor, author, or artist with connections to the South, and the Rebel Award which is awarded to a southern fan. 

DSC Hearts Tournament
An annual traditional amongst southern fandom, the Hearts tournament is exactly what it sounds like. Come, play cards, and have fun!

Baen Traveling Round Show
Come find out what’s new from Baen Books (and maybe get some swag!). 

Live Performances
See live concerts, magic shows and sword fighting