Special Events

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Some of the Special Events we have planned for this year include:

Beat Da Geeks
Challenge our Geeks! You win - you get chocolate! They lose - they get a jelly bean - from Bernie Botts Every Flavor Bean!

Chopped Props
Come see what props our teams will create out of surprise materials before you can bid on them at the charity auction!

Authors Roleplaying Live!
So what happens when you get a bunch of talented authors, one established game designer who GM’s and a slightly crazy fan together on Facebook?  They decide to a run a D&D game at your convention!  Join our super group of players as they face the challenges given to them in classic D&D fashion by DM Steven S. Long.  Featuring GoH’s Jane Lindskold and Charles S. Gannon as well as John G. Hartness, Gail Z. Martin, Misty Masse, and Michael D. Pederson.

Flabbergast The Wizard Magic Show
Join the witty and wise Wickstrom and his Wizard, Flabbergast as they perform illusions and other magical tricks for fans of all ages.

Supernatural Trivia Party
The Brothers Winchester are celebrating 13 Seasons of fighting the supernatural, listening to great music and avoiding the law! Come and enjoy some music, talk about your favorite moment, share some trivia and celebrate with other fans of the show

Learning Fight Choreography
The Force is calling to you - you are never too old to begin your Jedi training. Come and learn lightsaber combat choreography with the Guardian Corp. We will provide you with a "play" lightsaber capable of stage combat, as we teach to you the choreography skills we use in our performances.

It’s The Dating Game… But With Books!
Before you commit to a night of "Kindle and Chill" - find out which book you really want to date. 2 readers will get to "interview" characters from different books to see which one they want to take home. Authors will get in to character and answer dating-style questions based on the popular 70s game show.

Debate Club II: The Return
Do you remember our first Con-Gregate?  Do you remember sitting around with friends talking about which was better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Who was the better villain: Darth Vader or Kahn? Well, here’s your chance to do it all again. Just be ready for the surprise twist!