ConGregate 6 (2019)

Tamsin L. Silver

Tamsin L. Silver is an Urban Fantasy and Historical Fantasy author newly based out of Albuquerque, NM, recently moving from NYC after falling in love with NM while doing historical research. She currently has two series out: The Windfire saga and The Sabrina Grayson Novels and is the creator/writer/director for the Web Series, Skye of the Damned, produced by and Small Town Pictures. She is also a writer for Faith Hunter's Rogue Mage Anthologies series. Recently she has released a 3-short story compilation novella entitled, Weird of the West, which is a new home for her already loved short, Curse of Scáthach. Now it has two more stories in the same world to join it. Coming out in the next year you will be seeing the book adaptation for Skye of the Damned, as well as Moon Over Manhattan, the first book of a trilogy based in the Windfire world.

While on the writing path, Tamsin graduated from Winthrop University with a BA in Theatre and a Secondary Education, along with a minor in Creative Writing and Shakespeare. She's taught both middle school and high school drama/design as well as run two successful theatre companies, where she holds awards in directing for both.

You can learn more about Ms. Silver, see photos of her characters, and read excerpts of her books at her website, There you can find to all of her ramblings, stories, and episodes of her web series; the latter of which can also be found at