ConGregate 6 (2019)


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It’s ALIVE! Bringing Your Characters to Life Workshop
Find out what it takes to create characters that readers want to journey with. You'll learn why some characters never rise above a cliché and how to keep them active throughout your story. Author Bill Blume will show how he built the cast for his "Gidion Keep, Vampire Hunter" series, what he's gotten right (and wrong) and how to use it to improve your stories.

Allen Wold’s Plotting Workshop
Allen’s plotting workshop takes you the elements of plot. What is it? How do you do it? And how does it interact with other aspects of writing such as characters and dialogue.

Best Practices Query Small Press Workshop
Join Jason Graves as he shows you best practices (and worst) for querying small presses, what to look for and look out for, and the differences between different types of publishers and "publishers."

Judge A Book By Its Cover? Workshop
Research has shown that 53% of a book’s sales are based solely on its cover, so getting it right is critical to your book’s success. You may have the best blurb, but if no one ever picks your book up to read it, you're not going to get the chance to hook them. It’s your job to know what makes a successful cover, not your graphic designer! Chris Kennedy will not only show you how to design an effective cover for your book, but will also lead you through the production process to get it completed.

Allen’s Regionally Famous Workshop
Allen has been providing conventions with his workshop for many years. Joined by established authors, he provides a safe, creative environment to practice writing. New and established writers can benefit from this workshop.

Evernote For Writers Workshop
There are a lot of tools out there for writers: Word, Scrivener, OneNote, etc. Evernote is one such tool, a tool that every writer can use. From planning to drafting to saving documents, Melissa McArthur will discuss the benefits and tricks to help you use Evernote to take your writing to the next level.

Photography Workshop
Professional Photographer Paul Cory returns to ConGregate to share his tips and tricks on photography from lighting to posing. Cosplayers will be posing for workshop attendees so make sure you bring your camera. Participants should plan to show up within the first 10 minutes of the scheduled start time – the workshop may be mobile.

Leather Working 101 Workshop
A primer for the basics of leatherwork led by the designers at Ribbons and Rivets, where participants edge, burnish, dye, seal, and decorate their very own wrist cuff. All tools and materials will be provided. Just bring a pair of hands. Fee is $20.

Marketing for Newbies Workshop
A common misconception among authors is that your book is your brand. Wrong! YOU are your brand! So… How do you draw attention to your brand and use it to gather sales? Come to this workshop and Chris Kennedy will show you how!