ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

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Bid for DSC 61 (2023)

We are accepting bids from groups interested in hosting DeepSouthCon 61 in 2023.  If your group/con would like to be on the ballot, please fill out the bid form below.

Suggestions for your committee:

  1. Read the DSC Bylaws
  2. Attend ConGregate 7 /DSC 59 and come to the DeepSouthCon business meeting - where the voting will take place.
  3. Advertise your bid at the local cons in this area.
  4. Be prepared to answer questions about your bid (what are your dates and location, for example).
  5. Actually show up and vote for your own bid.
  6. If you win, be prepared to take registrations on the spot.


Bid Form