ConGregate 7 / DeepSouthCon 59

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Breakfast with Timothy Zahn

We are offering a very limited special event. 

This event is a ticketed event that must be purchased in addition to your convention membership.

Six (6) lucky con attendees will be able to have breakfast with Timothy Zahn on the morning of Saturday, July 18 (time is TBA... probably around 8:30 am) at ConGregate 2020, in one of the private dining rooms at the Marriott. 

Mr. Zahn has requested that this event be restricted to only six (6) people, so that all those who purchase the tickets will be close enough to him at the table to actually be able to spend time speaking with him.

Cost for the tickets are $100.00 each, and includes your meal (see the menu on this page). 

You must also have a valid Congregate weekend membership to attend this event. If you have not already purchased a membership, follow this link to purchase your membership(s).



On Sale Date/Time

We will activate the ticket purchase options beginning at 8:30 am (Eastern) on February 22. 

Note: The system will stop selling at six tickets.

Sold tickets will be available to pick up at the con reg desk.

All sales are final. No refunds will be permitted.


Please make sure you have purchased your convention memberships as well.

Breakfast image

Buffet Menu

Scrambled Eggs
Grits & Oatmeal
Breakfast Potatoes
Sausage & Bacon
Assorted Yogurt
Bread, pastries, bagels, English muffins

Regular and Decaf Coffee
Other non-alcoholic beverages

* Any additional food or beverages will require a separate purchase from the hotel.