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Christine Parker

Christine Parker began her film career in Sanford, North Carolina in 2004. She wrote and produced a short film “Second Death” that led to her forming Adrenalin Productions which has since produced more than a dozen films that include four feature films, two which have received world-wide distribution.

Her most notable films include film festival winners “Getting a Head in the Movie Biz,” “Dead of the Night,” “The Ghastly Ghostly Gas,” “Cache Me If You Can” and “Mother.” “Mother” was shot with an all-female crew under her new company Sick Chick Flicks. Their second short, a Poe film, Tell-Tale Heart - Sisters, was heavily influenced by one of Christine's favorite films "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." It has won awards for best film, best writing, best corpse and best adaptation at various film festivals.

In 2013 she received the audience award and Best Director at Greensboro’s 48 Hour Film Project for Sick Chick Flick’s entry “Fruits of Her Labor”. Again in 2016 her film Exercising Demons won The 48 Horror Project Best Film along with 5 other awards.

Sick Chicks latest feature length mummy film entitled "Blood of the Mummy" is now available on various streaming platforms including Amazon, Vudu, and Tubi.
For more info on her films visit:

Christine along with Angela Giddings also run the Sick Chick Flicks Film Festival supporting female filmmakers making films in the horror, scifi, and fantasy genres. It takes place in Chapel Hill, NC. For more info on the festival visit:

Since the pandemic Christine has taken up an interest in sewing 18th century clothing. In 2020 she and her daughter Jessie who is a "Maker" opened their online store to resounding success. You can visit their store at