ConGregate 10

COVID-19 Safety Rules

Last updated: 09-19-2023

Also see our community health recommendations.

COVID-19 Safety Rules *

For now, we highly suggest getting vaccinated to help prevent hospitalization, wearing a mask to reduce transmission of the virus (particularly in crowded spaces), and maintaining social distancing whenever possible. We also suggest staying away from highly dangerous events for a week prior to the con.

We will review our COIVD policies about one month prior to the convention, and enact rules we feel are necessary based on the situation at that time. 

Most of us are adults... please protect yourself (and others).

* * *

NOTE: Under the definition provided by law, ConGregate is considered to be a private event. 

Some of the other safety precautions being taken:

  1. Contactless payment has been set up for at the door registration
  2. The ConSuite will have individually packaged items (no large bowls of chips)
  3. Using hand-sanitizer before picking up anything in the ConSuite, will help reduce transmission of various diseases. We will provide it; we ask that you use it.
  4. We will close down the ConSuite every few hours, for about 30 minutes, to clean and sanitize

artwork by John Grigni