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Daphne Reeder

Daphne Reeder has been a creative force in multiple avenues and genres. A passionate cosplayer for going on 20 years, she has expanded her repertoire to include prop making and full bodypainting. Daphne is a member of multiple costuming groups and enjoys sharing her knowledge whenever she has the chance. Aside from cosplaying, she also runs her own independent film studio: Drache Media Films, specializing in Horror and SciFi/Fantasy.

Ms. Reeder is a woman with many hats; as of January 2023 she became the new CEO of By Night Studios, the licensee company for White Wolf's "World of Darkness" games, focusing primarily on the LARP side of gaming. Her current projects include a complete rework of her World of Warcraft Draenei Paladin armor, a horror movie and supernatural series, and several projects for By Night Studios.