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Daphne Reeder

Daphne has been a creative force from a very young age. She has been a costumer and cosplayer for roughly 20 years in a semi-professional sense, and is showing no signs of slowing down. Her recent accomplishments include being invited to partake in a Star Wars Twi’lek 2024 Calendar shoot, as well as the filming of her two projects: “Hunter: the Last Line”, which has its pilot episode completed, and her feature length project in the works: Twas the Night: A Christmas Horror Story. As of January 2023, Daphne became the new CEO of By Night Studios, the Official Licensee for World of Darkness, and has overseen the successful completion of the company’s 1st installment of their new destination LARP experience: Darkness Emergent.

With many new opportunities on the horizon: new film projects, new cosplays, new acting and modeling projects, it will be interesting to see what innovative creations are in the works.