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Darcy Wold

Darcy Wold

Darcy Wold is a part-time artist, an inveterate editor, and something of a cross between a software developer and a business analyst for CDISC, a standards development organization specializing in clinical data interchange. In her free time, she plays with fractals and digital graphics, and occasionally writes snippets of fiction. When she really has time, she paints.


Darcy was raised by a statistician and a science fiction writer in an ex-blue-collar-tobacco town, except for three years spent in west London, England. For two of those three years, she attended a theatre arts vocational school, but was unable to continue her training on the other side of the pond, and eventually majored in Asian and religious studies at a small liberal arts college in southern California. She has two cats, identifies roughly as pratyeka-buddhist, is sometimes quite sarcastic, and could probably stand to have a bit more patience. One of her favorite books is the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology. 


Pet peeves include extraneous apostrophes and copy-paste laziness.