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Emily Jane Buehler

Emily Jane Buehler writes cozy fantasy romances where everyday people (and fairies) have adventures and fall in love. Her stories are lighthearted with action and adventure, love and magic, and protagonists who learn to believe in themselves and find their courage. And yes, they are kissing books. She thinks of them as the beach reads that Princess Eilonwy packs when she goes on vacation. Emily Jane believes that by portraying positive relationships with good communication, romance novels can help readers envision such connections for themselves, model consent, and portray diverse types of relationships and people. They can be a fun escape while still having depth and contributing to a better society.

Emily Jane has a chemistry background and worked for years as a bread baker before publishing her first book, Bread Science: The Chemistry and Craft of Making Bread, which includes the science of bread-making as well as the step-by-step process. She teaches baking classes at the Campbell Folk School in western Carolina and is still trying to think of a clever name for her sourdough starter. She has also published a memoir about her bicycle trip from New Jersey to Oregon called Somewhere and Nowhere: A Bicycle Journey Across America.

Emily Jane lives and works in Hillsborough with a bossy, bite-y cat named Coco. She is a freelance copyeditor of science papers. When she has any free time, and even when she doesn’t, she likes to hike with her partner, write paper letters to friends outside of Kim’s Bakery, and defuse Coco by letting him kill his feather toy. She is online at and