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Jason Gilbert

Jason Gilbert an author, film critic, and licensed electrician. Best known for his action-packed and often irreverent Coldstone Case Files series, Gilbert’s work has been published in multiple anthologies along with his own novels. 

He published his first book Gaslit Insurrection in 2017, kicking off the Clockworks of War Alternate History Steampunk trilogy. Once completed, that led to a collection of short stories placed in the same universe (The Rifle Chronicles). In 2019 Wolfbanethe first novella in the Coldstone universe was released quickly followed by WolfmoonWolfsong, and Wolfheart. Due to their popularity, they were re-released as One with the Wolf: The Coldstone Case Files Volume One in 2021 and has launched as book one of his now ongoing series.  

Jason streams on twitch as Failflix, with OhHaiMark and TheGreyCat every Sunday on Terrible Movies with Wonderful People. His influences include horror cinema, bloody video games, dark beer, and heavy metal music.