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Nancy Dunne

Multi-genre fantasy author Nancy E. Dunne lives and works in the Upstate area of South Carolina with her Irish Wolfhounds Bryn and Ciaragh, her terrier mix Willow-Pickle, and her husband Simon. Nancy is a nationally certified American Sign Language/English interpreter as well as an author, and when she’s not hard at work in higher education can be found working on her next novel and hanging out with 'the girls' and her husband.

Her Orana Chronicles high fantasy world boasts two completed series to date: Tales of the Forest War and The Nature Walker Trilogy. A third series, Guardians of Orana, is in progress, with three published novels out of a total of six.

For something completely different, she has one published novel (and one in progress) in her litRPG/portal fantasy series, The World of Arcstone, as well as one published novel (so far) in an alternative history/gaslamp fantasy series, Luminous Beings.

Nancy loves connecting with her readers, so make sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (nancyd_writes), and her website,