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Sarah J. Sover

Sarah J. Sover is the author of the Fractured Fae Series from Falstaff Books (Fairy Godmurder, Faed to Black, Pixie Dusted). Her comedic fantasy novel Double-Crossing the Bridge became an Amazon Best Seller in humorous fantasy, and her oddball short fiction appears in anthologies.

Writer’s Digest featured Sarah in the Breaking In column in September 2019 then invited her to write a post for The success of that post led to appearances at the 2019 Annual Writer’s Digest Conference and at the Writer’s Digest University Breaking In conference in 2020. Sarah has articles appearing in the Nov/Dec 2021, the March/April 2022, and the March/April 2023 issues of Writer’s Digest magazine.

Sarah has a degree in Biology, which she utilized to write a piece for Dan Koboldt's Putting the Fact in Fantasy book, and she also contributes to his Science in Sci-fi, Fact in Fantasy blog. When she’s not writing, Sarah is busy raising two little forces of nature with her husband Alex, appearing on panels at regional SFF conventions, or painting while sipping a good IPA.