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Theresa Glover

Theresa Glover is the author of the Caitlin Kelley Monster Hunter series of books and a developmental editor with Falstaff Books. She is a cast member of the Calamity Janes - an Authors and Dragons podcast, a staff member of the Saga Conference and Authors and Dragons Con, and a whiz at playing book matchmaker at all the conventions where she works the Falstaff Books table. She is an all-around nerd who enjoys geeking out over the craft of writing, publishing, conventions, genre fiction, and is currently working on a banned/challenged book project for Falstaff and looking forward to putting awesome books into the hands of readers and discovering new gems by new authors and old friends. Upcoming projects include a collaboration with John G. Hartness on selling books at conventions, additional stories about Caitlin Kelley, and much more.