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Tonya Denny

Founder of the Winston Salem Paranormal Society, Tonya Denny has been researching supernatural topics since the early 90’s. Beginning with aliens, ufology, metaphysics, ghost hunting, and continuing today with her newfound love for cryptozoology.

The founding members of WSPS are currently sponsoring the Kernersville Paranormal Research Meetup Group, the NC Haunted Portal Facebook Group, Eclectic Paranormal Research Alliance-Networking, and 3 investigation teams covering Forsyth County, Guilford County, and Davidson County of NC. WSPS also helps to educate the general public by offering classes and workshops on ghost hunting, bringing in speakers on paranormal topics, and arranging events and trips to area haunted locations. Tonya also writes the Kernersville Portal blog at WSPS’s newest adventure, the Carolina Vortex Blogsite.