ConGregate 8

Volunteer Policies

From the Con Chair on down, ConGregate is strictly run on a volunteer basis… and we need your help! 

Our volunteers fall into two categories, Staff and Gofers.

These are the folks who work year-round to bring you the best ConGregate possible.

Staff members will receive a complimentary badge, and our eternal thanks! (They also get to help shape the convention.)

What’s a “Gofer,” you ask? In short, it’s someone who “goes for this, or goes for that.” They are the backbone of every convention. They show up and work during convention hours, helping wherever the staff feels they are needed the most. 

Gofers who work a minimum of 8 hours during the weekend will receive a complimentary badge.

The Directors of ConGregate will do their best to work with each volunteer to accommodate the volunteer’s schedule. We will also try to place the volunteer in the area they have requested. In each case, however, the needs of the convention may come first. 

If you have any questions about volunteering, please drop us an email at