Hawaiian Shirt Friday (Memorial)

Each year, Congregate remembers contributors that we have lost from the science fiction and fantasy world. The tradition began in memory of Aaron Allston, who was well known for his love of Hawaiian shirts.

We encourage everyone to wear a Hawaiian shirt on Friday, July 14 in honor of:

  • Bob Ellis, fan
  • John "Jack" Ellis, artist
  • Jerry Doyle, actor
  • Joyce Katz, writer/fan
  • Barry Jenner, actor
  • Kenny Baker, actor
  • David A. Kyle, author/illustrator/fan
  • Sheri S. Tepper, author
  • Don Marshall, actor
  • Kerry Gilley, fan
  • Robert Vaughn, actor
  • Ron Glass, actor
  • Bernard Fox, actor
  • Richard Adams, author
  • Carrie Fisher, actor
  • Debbie Reynolds, actor
  • Michu Meszaros, actor
  • John Hurt, actor
  • Richard Hatch, actor/writer
  • Edward Bryant, author
  • Neil Fingleton, actor
  • Bill Paxton, actor
  • J.R. "Klon" Newell, fan/dealer
  • Bernie Wrightson, artist
  • Robert Neagle, fan
  • Robert "Canadian Rob" Nichols, fan
  • Powers Boothe, actor
  • Andy Cunningham, puppeteer 
  • Adam West, actor
  • Stephen Furst, actor

Hawaiian Shirt picture