ConGregate 5

Jason Gilbert

Jason the author of The Rifle Chronicles series, The Clockworks of War series, and he also has stories in multiple anthologies. His stories are Alternate History with an Urban Fantasy and Horror element set in worlds of the supernatural, steam, and gears! You can check out his writing at! When he’s not writing stories, he’s watching crap cinema that would make your toes curl. Jason is the man behind Fail-Flix, a review site that tackles the best of the worst films with all the grace of a rabid water buffalo in an antique China shop. He also managed to collect a few favorites in his movie guide, Bad Movie Beware! Grab a few laughs at! He’s also Co-Host of the occasional Fail-Flix Facebook Live show “Beer and a Movie,” where he and his partner Wes drink beer, watch movies, and review both! When he isn’t doing either of those things, he’s playing video games, reading, or contemplating what sort of mischief and shenanigans he can get into next!