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Tom Hutchens

Born in Winston-Salem North Carolina, Tom spent a great deal of his childhood dressing up as his favorite STAR WARS™ characters.   By 2003 this love for heroic characters would manifest itself in Tom’s ability for armor craft, as he learned to meld time honored armor-smithing techniques with today’s technology to create hyper-realistic sets of Mandalorian armor.  Tom also enjoys crafting realistic and working life-sized STAR WARS™ props.

In 2007 Tom founded the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club here, with NC’s “Talon Clan” being the organization’s first chapter.  Years of hard work would gain the club recognition by Lucasfilm LTD. as the “Elite Mandalorian Costume Organization” as well as the organization’s conversion from fan group into a registered non-profit.  Tom has lent his knowledge of Mandalorians, armor, and culture in Star Wars to help collaborate on various STAR WARS™ books, as well as being a writer for  Tom’s costume and prop creations have been featured on such productions as Discovery Canada’s “Daily Planet” television show, Warrior Poet’s “In A GalaxySTAR WARS™ documentary, and Adams Film’s “Mandalore the Uniter” web-documentary.      

Tom’s Mandalorian character “Mandalore the Uniter” has been added to the list of Star Wars “Legends” Mandalorians in both the “Essential Guide to Warfare”, and “Bounty Hunter Code”.  When he isn’t helping out with the Star Wars Universe he’s a network security administrator, entrepreneur, and maintains a farm with his wife in Mocksville NC.

Tom Hutchens

Tom Hutchens 2