ConGregate 5

William C. Tracy

William C. Tracy is a North Carolina native with a masters and BS in mechanical engineering. He also has a BA in toy design. As such, he has both designed and operated heavy construction machinery (big toys) and is an expert in linkage design and optimization. He has been a Professional Engineer since 2010, and dabbles in production-scale 3D printing.

He has trained in Wado-Ryu karate since 2003 and runs his own dojo in Raleigh, where he uses physics knowledge and efficiency of design in his martial arts teaching. He is also an avid reader and writer, a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy, and a video and board gamer.

William has two self-published science fantasy novellas available: Tuning the Symphony, and Merchants and Maji, both set in his 'Dissolutionverse,' where magic replaces space travel. They will be followed by a novel in 2017 funded by Kickstarter.

In his spare time, he wrangles three cats and a bald guinea pig, and his wife wrangles him (not an easy task). They both cosplay, and force their pets to participate to make cute Holiday cards.

William C. Tracy