ConGregate 10

Greg 8's Cosmic Casino

Greetings and welcome to Greg 8's Cosmic Casino. Come join us for an evening of trying your luck at our tables. Games available will be Count to 21 (Blackjack), Intergalactic Hold It (Texas Hold'em), and Roll the 6 (Craps). Mystery games to be announced when our doors open. 

Greg has graciously offered the use of his casino this year to support the Congregate Charity.  All proceeds will go to the Charity Auction.  A win for everyone.

Be ready to enjoy yourself and dress to impress! 

No, this is not actual gambling!!!

  • Each person will make a donation to the Charity Auction at the casino, and be given a certain amount of chips based on how much money they donate.
  • Participants will not be winning any money.

So, what does participating get you?

  • As a thank you to those who participate, all players will be entered into a raffle to win 2 memberships to ConGregate 10.
  • All participants will also be allowed to keep one of our commemorative chips from the auction. 

* This is a cash only event. Must be 18 or older to play.

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